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Abington Family Dental Care

Root Canal Treatment in Abington

It is a sad fact that many people misunderstand the term “root canal.” They may think of it as a torturous dental treatment that is to be avoided at all costs — but the truth is that root canal treatment in Abington can be a very good thing! It may be the key to relieving your toothache and getting your oral health back up to par.

What Is Root Canal Treatment?

To understand what root canal treatment (sometimes called root canal therapy) involves, you must first know what the root canal is. It is the area within the root of a tooth that contains pulp and the tooth’s nerve. When an infection or damage affects the root canal, you may end up in severe pain.

To fix the problem and stop the infection from spreading beyond your tooth, your dentist in Abington may recommend root canal therapy. Here is an overview of how the treatment process usually goes:

Depending on the extent of the damage to your tooth, root canal therapy may be a relatively minor procedure or a major undertaking. Once your dentist has a chance to evaluate your situation, they’ll give you more details on what you can expect during your treatment.

How Can You Tell If You Need Root Canal Treatment?

woman with toothache

Some symptoms that commonly precede root canal therapy include:

In some cases, root canal treatment may be necessary even if none of the above symptoms are necessary. The only way to find out for sure if you need this procedure is to visit your dentist.

Why Is a Root Canal Better Than an Extraction?

happy male dental patientA root canal is often able to save damaged teeth that would otherwise need to be extracted. Although root canal therapy is a bit lengthier than an extraction and may cost more, it is usually the better choice because:

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