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 Is Dental Sedation Safe During Pregnancy?

August 5, 2022

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Pregnant patient wondering about dental sedation in Abington

Professional oral health care is important during all stages of life, and pregnancy is no exception. Expecting moms face a number of unique oral health risks, such as pregnancy gingivitis, enamel erosion from morning sickness, and more.  Your dentist can help you manage such issues. However, if you have sensitive teeth or a degree of dental anxiety, you might hesitate to schedule an appointment due to concerns about the safety of dental sedation in Abington during pregnancy. This blog post discusses what forms of sedation are safe for moms and their developing babies.


4 Reasons to Whiten Your Teeth This Summer

July 10, 2022

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Woman in bathing suit, smiling after free teeth whitening in Abington

Have you been thinking about whitening your teeth but just have not gotten around to it yet? Well, now is the optimal time to brighten up your smile. If you are a new patient to our practice, you can get a FREE whitening kit when you book your first appointment before July 31. Read on below to learn more about this deal and how it can benefit you.


Are White Teeth Always Healthier? Not Necessarily

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Woman with white teeth in Abington attending dental checkup

It is common for people to associate white teeth in Abington with oral health. After all, a white smile gives the impression that an individual regularly brushes their teeth and does not smoke. However, bright white teeth are not necessarily in better shape than those that are yellowish or slightly dark. This blog post discusses why the color of teeth is not always an indication of their health.


Can I Drink Coffee with Invisalign?

June 19, 2022

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Woman with Invisalign in Abington enjoying a cup of coffee

Are you getting ready to start your journey with clear aligners? You are likely excited about the prospect of straightening your smile and improving your oral health. Still, you may have questions about the road ahead. Many patients are particularly concerned about whether they will be able to continue enjoying their favorite morning beverage. They may wonder, “Can I drink coffee with Invisalign in Abington?” The good news is that you will not have to give up your daily cup of joe. However, you may need to make some adjustments to your routine. Read on below to learn how Invisalign may affect your coffee habits.


Limited Time Offer — Visit Us for FREE Teeth Whitening!

May 24, 2022

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Man with bright smile after free teeth whitening in Abington

Some people hesitate to talk to a dentist about teeth whitening because they are concerned about cost. That is understandable — the current world situation has caused many families to carefully examine their spending habits. But you do not have to sacrifice all little luxuries! Right now, our practice is offering FREE teeth whitening for new patients. Read on below to learn more about this limited-time special deal.


What Does It Mean if My Toothache Disappears on Its Own?

July 3, 2021

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Concerned businesswoman wondering why her toothache suddenly disappeared

A toothache can ruin your day and make it difficult for you to eat your favorite foods. However, getting to the dentist for treatment is not always easy, especially if you have a demanding schedule. You might keep delaying your appointment — and in the meantime, your toothache could disappear. Should you conclude that you do not need to see the dentist after all? No. In fact, a disappearing toothache could actually mean that you are headed for a dental emergency in Abington.


I Am Not in Pain — Why Might I Need a Root Canal?

May 24, 2021

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Man wondering why he needs a root canal in Abington

Have you ever visited your dentist for a routine checkup only to have them recommend that you undergo a significant procedure, such as root canal therapy? In such a situation, it is natural to think, “But my tooth doesn’t hurt! Why do I need the treatment?” However, it would be wise to listen to your dentist’s recommendation. In this blog post, we will discuss why a root canal in Abington might be necessary even if your teeth are not in any pain, as well as other signs that might indicate a need for treatment.


8 Homeschooling Tips for Beginners

April 28, 2021

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Mother and daughter sticking to a homeschooling schedule

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more families have chosen to homeschool their kids. In one state, 10,000 families filed their intent to homeschool during the summer of 2020 – 2021 school year, compared to just 3,500 in 2019. Are you teaching your kids at home? While it can be a rewarding endeavor to do so, it can also be quite challenging. In this blog post, we will discuss some simple tips, such as sticking to a homeschooling schedule, that can make the process as easy as possible.


What Does a Tooth Extraction Feel Like?

November 12, 2020

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Dental patient smiling prior to tooth extraction in Abington

Your dentist wants to help you keep your natural teeth for a lifetime. However, that is not always possible. In some cases, a tooth extraction in Abington is necessary. If your dentist has informed you that you will need to have a tooth removed, it is only natural if you feel a little nervous about your upcoming procedure. To help put your mind at ease, we are providing a basic guide of what you can expect during your procedure.


5 Ways to Maximize Your 2020 Dental Benefits

October 1, 2020

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Appointment to maximize dental insurance benefits in 2020

How are you using your dental insurance? Many people view their coverage as a backup plan in case they ever face an urgent oral health problem. However, that approach to insurance is financially unwise. It deprives you of the opportunity to derive the greatest value from your coverage. How can you maximize your dental insurance benefits? A dentist in Abington is here to discuss five useful tips.

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