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Are White Teeth Always Healthier? Not Necessarily

July 10, 2022

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Woman with white teeth in Abington attending dental checkup

It is common for people to associate white teeth in Abington with oral health. After all, a white smile gives the impression that an individual regularly brushes their teeth and does not smoke. However, bright white teeth are not necessarily in better shape than those that are yellowish or slightly dark. This blog post discusses why the color of teeth is not always an indication of their health.

Teeth Are Not Naturally White

One of the biggest misconceptions about teeth is the idea that they are “supposed to be” white. In fact, tooth enamel is naturally bluish-white or grayish-white in color. It is also somewhat translucent, meaning that it often allows onlookers to notice the color of the second layer of the teeth, called the dentin. Dentin is usually yellow.

Therefore, while white teeth are very popular, and there is nothing wrong with wanting to brighten your smile, off-white or even yellow teeth may be in perfectly good health.

Teeth Become Darker with Age

You may have noticed that some senior citizens have noticeably dark teeth. Often, these people are taking excellent care of their smile. However, dentin tends to become darker and thicker with age, while tooth enamel tends to become thinner with the passage of time. Hence, even though some older individuals may have dark teeth, their oral health may be perfectly fine.

White Teeth Are Not Always Healthy

Our society is in love with bright white teeth. It is quite safe to bleach teeth in order to achieve a desired color — but only if the whitening process is done properly. Unfortunately, some individuals go overboard with whitening products. For example, they might use whitening strips more often than recommended or leave in their mouth for too long. Such practices may harm the teeth.

Also, some people choose to use DIY whitening “hacks” that are actually damaging to teeth. For example, they might use abrasive agents like charcoal to remove stains, or they might make a paste out of acidic fruits. While such practices can make the teeth appear whiter, they can also end up causing permanent damage to the enamel.

Your Dentist Can Help You Achieve Healthy and Beautiful Teeth

Regardless of what color your teeth are, you should strive to visit your preventive dentist every six months. Regular cleanings will help to remove surface stains from your teeth, and if you are interested in removing deeper-set stains, your dental team offers professional, safe whitening treatments. Routine exams help to catch dental problems early on, so you can maintain healthy teeth and a pain-free smile for the long run.

White teeth are not always healthy, and healthy teeth in Abington are not always white. Keeping such facts in mind can help you take the best possible care of your smile.

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